Meet Our Missionaries 

We exist to glorify God by making disciples for Christ. We do this by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus in worship, community, and service. As Christ builds his church through the preaching of the gospel, and as disciples grow in worship, community, and service, the local church multiplies.

This multiplication is the direct result of gospel-centered discipleship. To this end, we train and send missionaries to be messengers of the gospel in a variety of contexts, both globally and locally.



Jordan Bush, his wife Sarah and three kids are planting a church in Montevideo. 



Cody Mathews and his wife Jessica and three children will be moving to Peru soon and Cody will be teaching at the Cusco Bible Seminary, The Chaskis of the Gospel. He will train future professors, pastors, missionaries and church leaders.


Jeff McDonald works as a teacher in a local christian school in Sabanagrande.