FTM Institute

FTM ("For The Mission") Institute is a missions ministry of The Cross Church, which functions in partnership with Ekklesia Theological Seminary and other like-minded churches to fulfill the great commission locally and globally.  

In our view the great responsibility of the church is twofold. Not only should we help cultivate and affirm the command of equipping the saints, but we are to also help develop them theologically and methodologically.  

FTM believes missionaries should be well-trained to perform their work before they are sent out to the field. That includes being equipped to proclaim the Gospel, plant churches, teach people the word of God and raise up other leaders in the church who can do the same.

In view of that, FTM works alongside Ekklesia Seminary to empower and train the church to serve as missionaries in unreached parts of the world.

FTM Institute provides a no cost 2-year missionary training program to those interested in pursuing a career in missions or church members interested in learning more about the Gospel.


Classes are led and taught by the pastors of the churches associated with FTM. Classes meet on Sundays from 6:00pm - 8pm at our office. Students are encouraged to attend the classes or watch the recordings via the For the Mission app, which you can download below. Videos can also be found online on FTM's YouTube and Facebook pages.  

For more details about FTM's missionary training program, please contact us through the form below.  

Meet Our Missionaries 

We exist to glorify God by making disciples for Christ. We do this by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus in worship, community, and service. As Christ builds his church through the preaching of the gospel, and as disciples grow in worship, community, and service, the local church multiplies.

This multiplication is the direct result of gospel-centered discipleship. To this end, we train and send missionaries to be messengers of the gospel in a variety of contexts, both globally and locally.


Jordan Bush, his wife Sarah and three kids are planting a church in Montevideo. 


Jeff McDonald works as a teacher in a local christian school in Sabanagrande. 


Jeff and Stacey Bentley serve in a church in Lima.